"Every good [project] starts by scratching a [designer's] personal itch"
                                                                            ——Eric S. Raymond
I always start with my personal itch, and rapidly test on people with brief questionnaires and interviews.
A good user definition has some attributes and features that I can design towards. After define and lean about user, I make user's persona to help me push the project forward.
Visualizing and diagramming the user interaction is something I do before prototype development, as it is informed by user feedback on user testing and serves to guide later iterations.
Pulling together what I've learned, I model interactive experiences, tasks and mindsets to articulate the users' needs, and define/frame the problems.
I document users' thoughts, feelings and actions when conducting interactive experiments and user testings.
I am good at turning research and experiments into visualized stats and audience friendly infographics.
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