How can design help people in long distance relationships learn their partner’s needs and cultivate healthy communication?

In order to address problems created by long distance relationships, I will involve deep learning into my thesis. Deep learning systems are a good method for studying life patterns and finding solutions specific to individual needs and wants. 
To do this I will test people’s acceptance of robot’s interaction and their willingness to and comfort with sharing personal information and accepting advice from a deep learning device. This will result in a service system and intelligent device for strengthening long distance relationships. The system will offer advice based on individual situation and big data, track and record key moments that can be revisited and shared at a later date, and create a physical connection across distance. 
I am working on this because I understand firsthand the need for this tool and I believe the strength and longevity of relationships can be improved with the use of this system. 
This service has potential to be involved in our closest relationships, both romantic and with family members. 
And here are my solutions to help users tracking and cultivating their relationships.

Please check my thesis book to explore more about Love View:
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